Terms & Conditions

  1. We post brand new deals every week on Sunday or Monday morning to give you lots more choice and better deals depending on the stock available that week.
  2. We close the order lines at 10pm he evening before delivery to allow us time to process that days orders.
  3. Unfortunately due to us offering new deals we are unable to carry any order across to another week. This means when you order it must be for the same week.
  4. You will receive the order you have placed on the delivery day you have personally chosen as long as it is within the same week.
  5. If you have provided us with invalid details you will not receive your order.
  6. If you can not be in on the times stated on the delivery information page please do not order.
  7. Our drivers have a strict route to stick to and only by their discretion will they alter there route for an individual order. 
  8. We try our upmost to stick to the times that are given, they are estimated times of delivery and unfortunately there are several factors that can affect these times e.g weather, traffic etc. If  the driver believes he is going to be delayed unreasonably he will at his first convenience contact you and let you know this is this case, either via a Text or a Phone call. This is why we ask for your telephone numbers and no other reason.
  9. To cancel an order send an e-mail to sales@bestinbury.co.uk You will receive an e-mail to say your cancellation has been accepted.  This is the only way orders can be cancelled !
  10. We cannot accept cancellations via telephone or via Facebook.
  11. We have experienced last minute cancellations even up to the point of knocking on customers doors. This costs us money and causes inconvenience to other customers. It is because of this and with regret we have now decided that if a customer does not give us notice via an e mail to sales@bestinbury.co.uk at least 24 hours in advance of the estimated delivery time and day as stated on  your confirmation e-mail. Once we receive your cancellation e mail we will send a confirmation e-mail to say you have cancelled. If you do not receive this confirmation e-mail we have not received your cancellation instructions and you have not cancelled your order. If this happens on more than two seperate occasions we reserve the right to add an additional service charge of £10 to your next order.  If you order and receive a further three orders from us you will be refunded this £10 service charge , at our discretion.
  12. If your area is not in the delivery list, this actually means we do not deliver to your area yet. Placing an order will not guarantee you will receive your order, it will be at our discretion and we reserve the right to cancel your order without notice. Contact us and we will do our best to help you.
  13. If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you. Please note that we will attempt to deliver substitute lines should selected lines be unavailable unless you request us not to do so.  


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