Q: Can we have more than one add on?

  • A:  It is not possible for us to allow you to have more than one add on per deal. If you require more then please choose from our fabulous bolt on list and order as many extras as you require.

  • Q: What days do you deliver?
  • A: Please see our delivery information page
  • Q: Is my order confirmed?
  • A: Your order is only confirmed by you pressing the pay on delivery option during the ordering process and all details are completed. You are then given an order number, keep a note of this order number it is esier to find your order in our system if you have it to hand.
  • Once you press the confirm order button you are sent an email copy of your order. This will show you what day your order will be delivered, a list of your order and the cost.
  • Please check your emails and your Junk folder to see if you have received this e mail for your own records, if you have not received your confirmation email then your order may not be complete.
  • Q: How do I pay?
  • A: Cash on delivery is currently the only option available.
  • Q: Is it free delivery?
  • A: Yes, except those deals which state a Packing and Delivery charge.

We are often asked, How can we do this ? 

We buy our products at the right price and only work on a small profit margin.Unlike the big supermarkets who work on huge profit margins and even then charge you for delivery! The more orders we receive the better our buying power becomes thus enabling us to offer you bigger better deals.


  • Q: Can all your products be frozen?
  • A: We only buy the very best, top quality produce. We buy the best so you receive the best . Guaranteeing you can freeze with confidence any of our products. Apart from our fresh eggs of course!
  • Q: Are the meat and chicken guaranteed bone free?
  • A: Simple answer NO.  We do our best to remove as many bones as possible but cannot guarantee they will be 100% bone free as we do buy in certain products from suppliers that are already filleted. It is always better to check yourself. 
  • Q: Can we swap anything in the deal?
  • A: The deals are set and cannot be changed, this enables us to bring you the best price possible.
  • For those customers who prefer to choose there own selection we do offer the U SELECTA deal or the Make Your Own Box,   Or simply buy a deal that suits you and take full advantage of our Bolt on section. Remember our deals can change every week giving you lots more choice.
  • Q: What time will my order arrive?
  • A: Wednesday to Saturday 5pm to 10pm (however in extreme cases this can be later due to weather, heavy traffic etc which is out of the drivers control. Our delivery drivers never give up and will always attempt to make delivery on the day requested).
  • Q: Can we collect our order?
  • A: Yes, you can visit us at the Unit and select any deal from the boards. 

However it is recommended if you are ordering for collection you will get a better special offer on the day as apposed to your online order.

Whichever option you choose you are guaranteed to get a great deal and great service, with top quality fresh products at the right price. We pride ourselves on the service we give because with us you the customer are truly who counts.



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